You are a small business owner.

Have you wanted to understand the basics of getting a great website up, optimizing it for the search and getting to the top of Google, Social Media Strategies that work, and getting better clients from the web in a specific amount of time?

We heard your cries and we are here to help you.
We have strategies that we use everyday.
We have taught these to professionals,

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

Actually, we do both. authenticACTION is developed from the strategies we use everyday at authenticWEB. We have been awarded national recognition in SEO, as well as awarded recognition from our clients. We not only understand how to do it, but we understand how to explain it to you so you can easily do it.

If You Want To Lower The Prices For Your Services, Go Away.

If you provide commodities or battle on price, GO AWAY. If you want to instill the value of your services, stay here. If you want work with more of the clients you like, your Ideal Clients, you are in the right place.

Up To Date SEO Instruction for Those Providing Services

If your business is something besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you don’t have time to stay on top of the latest trends. If you go to most SEO instructional sites, they are based on selling products, or strategies for large companies and written for SEO experts. By the time you figure out what will work for you, you won’t have time to do actually do anything. We do that research for you, so you just have proven, effective strategies for your business.

WordPress Instruction with Strategy

We love WordPress. It allows you to control your website from anywhere. There are hundreds of videos out there on how to use WordPress. What we have created are simple instructions based on our real proven strategies. You don’t need to know code to get a WordPress website up and working. You just need to understand your business.

Step by Step Instruction in Minutes per Day

With our step-by-step instructions, we’ll help you develop goals, a daily plan, and put your plan into action, no matter where you are in your understanding. We know you don’t have hours per day, so we’ll show you how to do it in minutes.

Learn to build your business by leveraging your story

Our strategies will help you to learn about your Ideal Clients and address them while Building your 4 Pieces of Internet Capital and Utilizing the 6 Rules of Social Media.

New Client Strategies That Are Here Today, Better Tomorrow

There are tons of internet strategies out there. You buy most books and they are going to change tomorrow. Membership in authenticACTION will give you the base. We will continue to the provide you the latest and greatest in techniques for business owners.

Create Online Videos That Work For You While You Sip Margaritas

We don’t suggest sipping the Margaritas while making the videos, but you can after you make them. We are going to show you how to create videos that look good and are effective. Video allows you to talk to potential clients or patients anytime, anywhere.

  • Video improves time on your site.
  • Video Improves SEO.
  • Video Improves Social Media.
  • Video improves your message.
  • Video improves quantity and quality of new business.

Oh, did we tell you that YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google?

Social Media Marketing that is Actually Social

authenticACTION is going to help you to enjoy social media while getting more of the clients you love. These are real strategies that will get you out of the old Advertising Mindset and really start to market your professional business.

Courses Designed for People Just Like You with Businesses Just Like Yours

If you provide a service (lawyer, doctor, dentist, mechanic, caterer), work in and on your business, we have created authenticACTION for you. Step by step, you will improve your business. The greatest part is that your business will continue to improve. Everything we do here is made to have long lasting effects that pile on top of each other, creating a snowball of new business for you!